Memories of Harmony


Memories of Harmony

COME BACK L’histoire entre les deux époques : Paris 1900 et Pékin 2020 ... L’harmonie de la culture chinoise et Français

The history between the two eras: Paris 1900 and Beijing 2020 ... The harmony of Chinese and French culture As an artist living in China since 2015, starting in Beijing and now in Shanghai, I am trying to express my love for China through creations, photography, digital art and sculptures, combining French and Chinese cultures or elements.

I am also fascinated by our cultural heritage and like to search what could be in common between French and Chinese cultures. Nostalgia and Humanity are as well very important in my inspiration to create artworks bridging different worlds and especially past and present like in the series "Souvenirs du Présent", "Opéra du Silence", "Imagine", "Train for the past" or the series that I present today : « Harmony ».

« Harmony"

I worked on the series « Harmony » during the hard lockdown in Shanghai last year. I used old 1920s newspapers that I got from a Chinese friend collecting old China Daily issues, and created characters based on photographs I shot at a Beijing Opera backstages. Being in harmony with oneself requires to know his cultural heritage, to be centered on today's temporality, knowing oneself to be able to go to a clear future. "Harmony" begins with a reflection on the theme of memory and memory, taking place in imaginary between the past and the present.

Each composition is unique and suggests a personal exploration towards a state of freedom, peace and harmony. With "Harmony", I want to invite the viewer to go beyond the boundaries between the past and the present and focus on the fundamental love that binds our cultures. Each work is made on a black & white base with a touch of color and soft materials to create a contemplative and poetic atmosphere.

Through my work, I try to bridge the gap between the past and the present, and to celebrate our cultural heritage, but also to highlight our modernity and perspectives.